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About us

years of

  1. 1992
    Sach is born

    Alexander Garcia Vila founds the company which comes to be known as SACH. The SACH brand is registered, the name serving as a compass for the founder. SACH’s first year is taken up with the development and testing of products.

  2. 1993
    SACH starts to supply the market

    In January 1993 SACH starts to sell its first central vacuum accessory kits throughout Spain. Marisa Sanchez becomes a partner in the new company.

  3. 1994
    The distributors arrive

    SACH signs its first distribution contracts in Rentería (Guipúzcoa) and Barcelona.

  4. 1998
    The first elegance central vacuum unit is developed

    Our first central vacuum range. SACH launches its Elegance 982 and 983 models, both developed and manufactured in-house. The new range is very well-received at nationwide construction exhibitions.

  5. 2002
    International Expansion

    The European central vacuum industry continues to evolve raising the opportunity for SACH to capturing international market-share. Italy becomes the first country to offer international expansion through the appointment of two distributors.

  6. 2006
    Alicante sales office

    We open a regional sales office in Alicante to capitalize on the building boom on the coast with more than 800 new homes per year being supplied with SACH central vacuums.

  7. 2007
    International expansion continues

    …..Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Poland, France and Italy

    Our presence at international trade shows is consolidated through participation in BATIMAT 2007 (Paris) and MCE (Milan).

  8. 2009
    Economic crisis at home

    The emerging crisis in the construction industry results in the developer market coming to a compete standstill. SACH is able to manage the slump by focusing on international markets.

    Our first own-brand tool range is launched together with other cleaning accessories such as the Automatic Hose Reel, bringing design innovation to the central vacuum market.

  9. 2010
    The birth of vac

    At the very height of the economic crisis in Spain SACH invests in R+D to develop the VAC range. A technologically innovative, elegant product, noted for its filtration system.

    Present in 17 countries, SACH is becoming a significant player in international markets.

    The basis for SACH ‘s success continues to be the ongoing technological evolution of its products together with a commitment to transmitting the need for professional installation and to offer an effective service, tailored to the customer’s requirements.

  10. 2017
    25 years

    We celebrate our 25th anniversary as a supplier to the central vacuum market.

    Once again we revolutionize the central vacuum market by launching INTEGRAVAC, the first really compact domestic central vacuum unit. Its obvious synergy with retractable hose systems and significant impact on the market has placed SACH in the vanguard of central vacuum technology.

Who are we?

SACH is a Spanish company, founded by Alexander Garcia Vila, with more than 25 years’ experience in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of central vacuums.  Its central vacuum systems provide a quick and efficient method of keeping homes, offices and business premises clean whilst at the same time creating a healthy living or working environment.

Our Vision

To continue to evolve as an organization through an ongoing programme of product development, improvement and adaptation to the changing needs of our customers – end users, distributors, installers, builders, developers and other professionals.

Our Mission

To offer the most advanced central vacuums on the market for installation in spaces of all sizes.

Our Goal

To supply innovative solutions to meet the requirements of the central vacuum industry.

Our Core Values

Commitment, innovation, quality and responsibility

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