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Retractable Hose


The perfect solution for quick and easy cleaning. Each retractable Hide-A-Hose is housed inside the wall. Simply pull the hose out to the required length for cleaning, attach the preferred tool for your cleaning task and switch the system on from the Hide-a-Hose valve. Once you’ve finished, disconnect the cleaning tool, partially cover the mouth of the hose with your hand and it retracts back into its wall housing. The Hide-a-Hose system comes with all the accessories you need to vacuum quickly, efficiently and conveniently.


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How does it work?

Pick an inlet valve

Open the valve located in the the wall, pull out the length of hose you require for your vacuuming.

Block the hose

Lock the hose by sliding the black tab on the valve to the right.

Hose handle and tools

Connect the hose handle and the tool you wish to use.

Turn the system on

To turn the system on, press the switch on the valve.

Retract the hose

Disconnect the handle hose handle, slide the tab to left to release the hose, cover the end of the hose with your hand and it will retract automatically back into its housing.

The hose disappears inside the wall

Once you’ve finished vacuuming, by  partially covering the hose end the hose automatically retracts back inside the ducting housing the pipe.



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