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  • The new way to vacuum is called HIDE-A-HOSE.

    Forget once and for all your old portable vacuum cleaner or carrying around hoses or a cordless vacuum and start to use the retractable hose system or, as it’s popularly known, “the hose hidden behind the wall or the invisible vacuum cleaner.”
    This innovative vacuum system whereby a hose retracted by means of the vacuum itself allows for a greater integration of the system throughout your home Because the pipe network is installed inside the wall you save on space and decoration, a key factor to be considered if you’re seeking to follow the latest architectural trends.

    It’s easy to use and provides outstanding performance for a minimal investment.

    Once the vacuuming of your home is completed you’re able send the hose back into its housing behind the wall simply by covering the mouth of the hose with the palm of your hand. You close the cover of the valve and the hose is stowed away, out-of-sight!
    The Hide a Hose system is a really useful solution in combination with our Integravac domestic central vacuum unit – a low cost central vacuum option which caters for all budgets.
    Hide-a-Hose is young and modern. Save time on your cleaning tasks with a system which is completely in step with modern life.

    Browse our catalogue for retractable hose products:

    Inlet valves for the retractable hose system.
    Accessories such as handles and hoses for our retractable hose system.
    Pre-installation and tool kits.
    Installation materials such as mounting frames for installation inside fibreboard walls and elbows.


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