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Warranty Extension

We offer the possibility of extending the equipment warranty from 2 to 5 years, at no additional cost.

Request for extended warranty

Valid for the Vac Dynamic and Digital Series and IntegraVac. Not valid in Portugal.

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    Attach the Purchase Invoice* (pdf format)


    • This guarantee runs for a period of 24 months from the date of installation as it appears on the guarantee card which is to be completed by the final user. The guarantee should be completed in full and returned to the manufacturer within 15 days of the date of installation.
    • In the event that the guarantee is not received by SACH, the guarantee will run from the date of manufacture and the manufacturer’s responsibility will be limited, consequently, to the repair of the appliance, the manufacturer being absolved of any liability for damage to persons, objects or third parties.
    • The customer remains responsible for the correct installation of the appliance and its correct use, the guarantee covering all failures of the appliance other than those resulting from improper use or inappropriate manipulation of the product.
    • The guarantee envisages the replacement of any parts deemed to be defective by an authorized SACH technical service provider. 
    • The guarantee does not cover consumables such as the HEPA filter, protective filter, vacuuming tools or hoses, etc.
    • The guarantee does not cover defects or failures resulting from negligence, improper use, voltage spikes or incorrect maintenance. 
    • In the event that the appliance is repaired by an unauthorized repair company or where the appliance has been used inappropriately, (eg. for the vacuuming of builder’s rubble, liquids or ashes,) the guarantee is automatically invalidated.
    • The guarantee does not cover for shipping or travel costs which are for the account of the customer.
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